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Sewing Studio



This wall is to the left as you enter the room. I use a window shade that has a piece of flannel pinned to vinyl. The closet holds my clothing, but the top shelves store fabric bolts that are used for backings, borders, or stack-n-whack fabrics. I also have a few UFOs on a shelf.

Sewing Studio - Stash Fabric

I use sweater and shoe organizers to store my fabric stash. The fabric is stored two stacks deep. I use a kitchen counter/cabinet unit to place my big board that I made on top of it. The cabinet holds my red, blue and green fabric stash.

Sewing Studio - Ironing and Cutting Areas

The rest of my big board ironing area. My cutting table is only able to partially open, but I can get a 36" mat on top. I store my notions on the peg board.

Sewing Studio - Electronics and Storage

Here are some of my sewing/quilting what-nots, Television, VCR, and clock. Behind the closed door is my buttons, crystals, beads, sewing machine and current project books. On the open shelf and drawer holds triangle papers, spray starch/sizing, pins, freezer paper, basting sprays, etc.

Sewing Studio - Storage

The top shelf hold interfacings, velcro, works in progress, 2.5" strips, etc. The second shelf holds my scrap squares cut in 1.5" through 6". It's great having squares ready for future projects. The basket organizer holds scrap fabrics and heavyweight interfacings.

Sewing Studio - Sewing Area

My sewing area with quilt candy wall. The storage unit holds my threads, needles, bobbins, and all my sewing supplies.




Old Studio Set-up

Yes, it quite junky, but I have no where else to go.




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Created April 8, 2005

Updated October 30, 2005

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