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Blocks and Quilts Made from Swap Blocks


 Actual blocks that I swapped with an online internet group in October 2002.  I liked swapping so well, that I started my own group.   I completed blocks as follows:  1st row - first and last blocks; 2nd row - second block; 3rd row - last block.

TeasSnowmanSwapGroup swapped their first set of blocks on March 15, 2003.  I completed blocks as follows:  2nd row, first and second blocks; 3rd row, last block; 4th row, third block.  We also swapped snowman blocks again in August 2004.



Snowman Spiral - So, with all the swapped blocks, I came up with this setting.  Now, I just need to find time to sew it together.

Snowman Block Swap - I made this quilt for a client who participated in a snowman block swap.  The blocks are made by Mickey H., Debra H., Sarah C., Ruby R., Teajuana M.,  and two by my mystery swapper.  I pieced the blocks just in time for his birthday and the holiday season.  November 2003



These blocks were swapped with members of TeasSnowmanSwapGroup February 24, 2004.  

Friendship Flowers - I started putting these blocks together.  I'm stuck trying to find a design for the outer border and am trying really hard not to add a plain border.  But, I thought maybe a plain border with prairie points on the edge would look great.  I have a few more blocks that I plan to make pillows with.



Twinkle Star Swap - These are the stars I made to swap with the PatchnQuilt internet group.  I ran out of fabric for the corner squares and had to get creative.  The four corner blocks are slightly different.  After piecing them, I like this design better than the original which was already awesome.  The second photo is of blocks I received in the exchange.


Houses (2) - These are swap blocks of which the blocks had to include a minimum of two embellishments.  I made the quilt shop block, second block in the third row.  Embellishments include:  ric-rac, prairie points, button, mini quilts, machine embroidery, flower embroidery appliqués, and chenille yarn.  Blocks swapped 8/30/2003.
Siggie Block Swap - Swapped 4/30/2003.



Block Magic Book Block Swap - These blocks are all made from the book.  I made the basket and coffee carafe.  Blocks swapped 4/28/04 
Santa Block Swap - I made the Santa Teapot block.  Blocks swapped 6/23/04


American Friendship - I began this center for a round robin swap with TeasSnowmanSwapGroup.  The flag pattern is a Shannon Williams' design, a unique style which she calls, "mosaic" patchwork.  The name of the pattern is Stars and Stripes.  I finished the center in January 2005.
The first border was added by Yveline in Florida in February 2005.  She made the top look like a postage stamp.  She recommends I embroider "USA  34" in the upper right hand corner.


American Friendship (continued) - Barbara in Missouri added the hearts and stars border and the blue border in March 2005.
Annette in North Carolina added the rail fence border and the "land of the free" border in April 2005.
Follow-up:  I think this top is screaming for stars so maybe I'll add that border when I'm able.  UPDATE:  I have the stars pieced but need time to decide how to add them.




NEW I added the light spacer border and then added the star border.  Each star has a state 2-letter abbreviation representing all 50 states.





The group swapped these butterflies on 4/25/2005.  There were too many different blocks to show them all.


Created April 1, 2005

Updated October 30, 2005

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