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2004 Quilts


Spring Bouquet - SSBQG May 2003 retreat project; completed May 2004.  Based on Cindy Walter's technique.

Nature's Best - SSBQG May 2003 retreat project; completed May 2004.  Based on Cindy Walter's technique.  I added dimension by couching various types of threads and yarns.


Click quilt for large photo


Celestial Stars made for Natalie's first birthday.  Began 7/26/03 - completed 6/5/04.  Made from the Twisting Star block.

Wishing We’d Met    90" x 96"
I purchased the 4-patch blocks from a quilter’s estate sale.  Even though I have over 70 of my own UFOs, these blocks kept calling for me to complete it.  I also made 4 matching pillow cases.    Began:4-2004   Completed:  May 21, 2004  I don't have a completed photos of this quilt yet.


Tessellating Pinwheels - the first photo shows how I pieced plain squares.  The second photo is what happens after you cut the squares using a  template from Square Dance book.  This quilt was a joy to make and used a lot of scraps! 6/27/04 - completed 8/27/04.  Based on Martha Thompson's book.



Courtney's Puzzle AND Christopher's Puzzle - My two nephews share a room and I made them matching quilts.  So that they could tell them apart, I put their names on the front of the quilt as well as the back.  I used a border fabric to also make a little difference between the two quilts.  I worked on these quilts simultaneously.  Began 2/15/04 Completed Courtney's 9/9/04 and Christopher's 9/12/04  Both are approximately 85" x 94"



Stars for Yolanda - I used the pointless wonder star blocks in my UFO pile to start this quilt.  The quilt was planned as I sewed.  I needed it to be a little larger so I added a border of friendship stars.  Having recently made two quilts for Yolanda’s brothers with their names at the top of their quilt, Yolanda wanted her name on her quilt as well.  Began: 6/21/2003     Completed:  10/7/2004  69" x 87"

Fall Leaves -  This table mat was made using Martha Thompson's Magical Hexagon quilt book.  This top was also illustrated on Simply Quilts.  I made this quilt before tackling the project I really want to make.  Began: 10/27/2004     Completed:  11/11/2004  25.5" x 22.25"



Click photo for larger view.

Save the Dolphins  21.5" x 19.5"  I taught a quilter how to cut fabric for a stack-n-whack and she was going to throw away the scraps.  I save them and made this little quilt.  Began: 10/29/04  Completed:   11/13/04

American Dream  Began September 2003 as a block of the month and finished December 2004.  It was such a joy working on this quilt and became even more grateful as I worked to be an American.




Story of the Underground Railroad    70" x 70"   This quilt belongs to my brother.  He saw an underground railroad quilt and was so excited about the story behind the quilt.  I'd been searching for a pattern to make his quilt from so it was Bingo for me.  I also made a quilt tale book with the history of the underground railroad including the significance of each quilt that was possibly displayed to communicate with runaway slaves.  Began:  October 29, 2004   Completed:  November 11, 2004



Hawiian Twist - Front

Hawiian Twist Back

Hawiian Twist Close-up quilting

Hawaiian Twist - Second quilt I made with blocks my friend won from the guild's optional blocks.  I made this quilt and then gave it to her for her birthday.  Began:  April 2003     Completed:  January 12, 2004.  NOTE:  Click on each photo to see larger image.


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