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  2006 Quilts


New For more 2006 quilts click here to go to the photo gallery.

Sparkling Stars - My daughter is jealous of all the quilts I've been making for various family members so I decided to make this one for her.  I enjoyed working with all the jewel fabrics and then complimenting them with scrappy black and white sashing.  6-2-06 to 7-13-06  1,081 pieces  82.5" x 93"


Garden Blooms - Since my first vacation quilt did not go as planned (see These Shoes Were Made for Walking below), I decided to start another.  I purchased August 2006 McCalls Quilting magazine on 7/3/06 and just had to make the cover quilt. 7/7/06 to 7/12/06  44" square
9-Patch Zigzag - This is the benefit of having scraps pre-cut into various size squares.  I began this quilt on July 8, 2005 as a chaining on/off while working on other projects.  At one point I needed about 40 more 9-patches to complete the quilt top so I made the remaining blocks and put the top together.  Top completed 10/30/05  Quilt quilted and finished 7-8-06   70" x 77"   1,640 pieces


Sew Crazy - I needed a crazy quilt that incorporated old and new techniques for my scrap quilt lecture.  This is what I came up with.  I started with two machine embroidery blocks, made a third and then I was on my way.  While I did not enjoy the hand embroidery stitches, I do love working with beads, charms and mirrors.  Maybe some day I'll make a large quilt depicting my life.  6/4/06 to 7-__-06  12" x 18"
These Shoes Were Made for Walking - While on vacation I decided to make a quilt from start to finish.  The white background fabric must have had some polyester in it as the fabric shrunk as I was making the quilt (sewing the rows together) even when I turned the iron to a lower heat setting.  I decided to tie this quilt instead of machine piecing as I feared major puckers.  The quilt turn out nice and the eyelash thread used to tie the quilt give it character.  7/5/06 to 7/7/06   66" x 78"


Stars for Starnisha - I enjoyed making this quilt for Starnisha's high school graduation present which was adapted from Judy Martin's book, "Cookies and Quilts".   Made a pillow sham from left over fabrics.  4/14/06 to 7/8/06   65.5 x 82.5

 A Big Star - I visited my grandmother during mother's day weekend in Alabama.  She is still using the 2nd quilt I made in 1995.  Needles to say, the quilt was in such poor condition and it touched my heart that she was still using it.  I told her to expect a new quilt very soon.  I had most of the half-square triangles in my UFO bin.  I squared them up and cut a few solid squares and viola, a quilt!   Began:  5/22/2006    Completed:  6/28/2006    70 x 84"


Jewel Rails - This one is for my sister.  Here is a very simple design enhanced by choice of fabrics.   Began:  2/26/2006    Completed:  5/6/2006   


Cynthia's Houses - Made this quilt for my niece from blocks I won in the optional block drawing on 9/16/2004. Decided upon a setting and completed this quilt 5/6/2006 

 Kansas City Star in Patriotic - My guild used Kansas City Star patterns as a BOM in 2005.  We were assigned two blocks per month.  I substituted two blocks.  One I replaced with a Dear Jane block and another is from EQ.   Began:  1/2005    Completed:  2/25/06    Size:  57" x 77"


1,000 Pyramids - Quilted started at a quilt shop with six fabrics.  I added nine additional fabrics and designed my own border.  Began:  1/22/06

Completed:  2/22/06     Size:  66" x 80.25"

Square in the Square - A guild member gave me a trash bag full of home decorator samples.  After sorting them, I decided to make this quilt for my niece.  Began:  2/17/06   Completed:  3/17/2006

Size:  77.5" x 82.5"


Forgot to take a final photo - export a photo from EQ.

Acapulco Bubbles - I downloaded this pattern from Sew and Quilt.  I had so much fun utilizing the 60 degree triangle again.  This quilt is for my niece.  Began:  2/9/2006   Completed:  3/12/2006   Size:  74" x 85"

Delectable Mountains -



Flutters for Mickey - A member of TeasSnowmanSwapGroup and dear friend passes away January 11, 2005.  A few members of the group donated blocks to make a quilt.  I set the blocks and completed the quilting.  Sarah Carr-Jordan graciously completed the hand sewing of the binding, hanging sleeve and label.  This quilt was given to Mickey's husband, Richard. 

Began:  4/2005         Completed 1/10/2006 

Broken Bricks - Starting making this quilt to get rid of some FQs I've outgrown.  In small pieces the quilt is pretty interesting.  Will be given  to a family member as I still have over 49 lap to bed-size quilts to make. 

Began:  1/18/06         Completed 2/1/2006 



Bears' Garden Wedding -My first quilt I began and completed in 2006 is a mystery quilt where the instructions started being distributed in October 2005 but I did not begin on time.  I couldn't justify another UFO so I did not start on time.  The day before show-n-tell I cut the fabrics and pieced the center (borders not done yet).  Then, I came up with an idea that I could appliqué bears on the quilt and give to my cousin who wanted a teddy bear lap quilt as her wedding gift (she got married 3/12/05.)  As I was coming on the year, I decided this would be her quilt instead.   Began:   1/14/06   Completed:  1/18/06



Charm Stars -  I've been collecting fabric and working on this quilt for years.  I finally got the top pieced in February 2005.  I've always wanted a log cabin quilt, so I pieced this gigantic log cabin block for the back.  Now the quilt is reversible.  This quilt was long arm machine quilted by Jane Coons.  I added the prairie point border and now the quilt is finally completed!  This charm quilt has 1,128 different fabrics, not including the border and back fabrics which are also charmed.  Began 6/1/2001  Completed:  1/17/06



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