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More Challenges


Challenges for 2005 through 2009.  Click here to see challenges from 2002 to 2004


I machine embroidered 50 different flower designs from various designers. The quilt path created during piecing reminds me of paths. So, I decided to name this quilt after a local garden in my area, Missouri Botanical Gardens. The quilt has a few butterflies, an owl, a bird or two, and a couple of bees. All the print fabrics are floral. It was a joy to make this quilt. The quilt won two ribbons: 1st place in Wall/Bed Quilt and 2nd place Viewer's Choice.  May 2008 to 6/5/2009  81 x 95
The guidelines were to make a quilt using flying geese as the main theme. The geese must be pieced and the quilt top could be no larger than 30" on any one side. In addition, the quilt must be completed which includes the binding. I started the quilt 4/7/2009 and completed it 5/3/2009. I purchased this pattern about 4 years ago at Hancocks of Paducah not knowing that I needed to also have the accompanying DVD for piecing directions. So I figured out how to piece it myself. I changed the pattern a little to meet the flying geese requirement and used my own method for piecing the top together. The "Soaring Compliments" pattern by Caryl Bryer Fallert can be found here: . As you can see in the photo, I won first place! I was pleasantly surprised as the competition was fierce.  24" square
Snowman Collector - June 2008 Flower Valley Quilt Guild; "Make a two-color quilt."  The quilt won Viewer's Choice, First Place in Workmanship, Best Two-Color Quilt, and Machine Quilting.

Design by the Stitch Connection - I also made the appliqué version of this quilt and just had to make the machine embroidered one too. January 2008 to May 22, 2008

The Flowers Will Never Die - June 2008 So Sew Busy Quilt Guild challenge; "Make a quilt from a song."  I chose my song after making the quilt then searched the internet for an appropriate title. However, this song by Elton John was never actually published. May 2008.

Designs from

Please Don't Eat the Daisies - June 2007 Flower Valley Quilt Guild; "Make a quilt based upon a movie as the theme was "Flower Valley Goes to the Movies."  Also required was the incorporating of black and white into the quilt.  The quilt won 3rd place in Best Workmanship. Ironically, another guild member made the same quilt. Size:  35" x 35"

Kentucky Bluegrass - May 2007 So Sew Busy Quilt Guild challenge; "Make a quilt from a photo you have taken yourself but not something or someone that can indicate you made the quilt.  In Louisville, KY there are many horse statues and a lot of them are patchwork or mosaic.  The quilt won 2nd place. May 2007  Size:  10" x 12"

One Woman Round Robin - June 2006 Flower Valley Quilt Guild challenge; "A Few of My Favorite Things", size between 30-60" wide and 30+ inches long, use 5" square of challenge fabric (yellow polka dot).  My favorite things listed in the quilt are:  scraps, favorite color (purple), stars, hearts, log cabins, flowers, and of course, round robins.  The quilt won four awards, 1st place Best Pieced Quilt, 2nd place best Workmanship, 2nd place Best Machine Quilting, and 2nd place Best Use of Challenge Fabric.  Began:  10/11/05  Completed:  6/15/06  Size:  51-1/4 " x 51-1/4"


Ruby Throated Hummingbird - May 2006 So Sew Busy Quilt Guild challenge; Make a "nature" quilt.  I originally wasn't going to make a project but decided a few weeks before the deadline to do so since we only have six members.  I then decided to keep it small, but to make something I would be able to use.  The quilt did not win any awards, but I'm glad I participated because I have a quilt I would not have otherwise made at this time.  Hand quilted Began:  5/15/06  Completed:  5/20/06  Size:  12" x 15"

Crystal Stars - June 2005 Flower Valley Quilt Guild challenge; Make an antique or "new-tique" quilt.  I chose to make a new-tique based on Karen Combs' Crystal Star design.  I attended a class Karen presented in O'Fallon, Illinois.  This quilt won 1st place for machine quilting.  Began:  5/11/05  Completed:  6/9/05  Size:  25.5" x 27.75"



New Year's Toast - May 2005 So Sew Busy Quilt Guild challenge; Make a quilt based on your favorite beverage.  My favorite beverage is actually Coca Cola.  I'd planned to make an old advertising poster featuring a snowman with a Coca Cola in his hand under a Coca Cola banner and the words "Iced Cold."  After drawing the pattern (twice) and loosing it (twice), I decided to change direction when I saw a similar quilt or photo of this quilt online.  The great part of changing designs is that no one knew this was my quilt as I don't consume alcoholic beverages.  This quilt won 1st place.  Began:  5/3/05  Completed:  5/9/05  Size:  12" x 13"


I can't wait until the next challenge; come back next year.


Created 8/10/2006

Updated 8/07/2009

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