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Charity Quilts



NEW    Quilt top made in a meeting of the Flower Valley Quilting Guild.  I quilted and bound the quilt so that it may be donated to a local charity.  Don't ask me why this picture insists on being turned sideways.  I've tried to turn it and the original is not turned but this is how my web software decided to handle it.  Go figure...I give!   July 2008




The So Sew Busy Quilt Guild participated in the Spanish Lake Community's Family Fun Day in the Park on June 14, 2003.  Our theme this year was "Community Healing Hands."  We asked park patrons to draw their hands on fabric and decorate them to their liking.  We will make quilts from the hands and donate them to a local charity.   Both quilts completed on May 28, 2005 at our annual retreat.




Purple Quilt - An old quilt top I began for an expectant baby girl that turned out to be a boy.  Was in storage for years and I brought out the top to finish and donate to charity.

by Teajuana Mahone Began in 2000   Completed June 18, 2005






Baby 9-Patch - I used the leftover nine patches from the above quilt and made this pretty baby quilt.

by Teajuana Mahone March 2005






9-Patch Quilt - I made this quilt to donate to St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center for a raffle.  The nine patch blocks were purchased from an estate sale.  66 square inches

by Teajuana Mahone March 2005




Hands All Around:  The “hand” block printed fabric is actually from the instructions showing how to use the border fabrics to make your quilt top.  I had purchased six yards of border fabric and had quite a few of the illustrations so I cut them out and made this quilt as a charity quilt.  40" x 40" October 2004

by Teajuana Mahone

COMMUNITY HEALING HANDS - An online quilting group I'm a member of were asked to help the St. Louis County Parks Department raise funds by hosting a quilt show.  Showing the kindness that only quilters' know, we readily agreed.  Since I was to attend this all day function, I decided to have the patrons of the show make hand blocks of which I would make a community quilt.  This quilt was given to a co-worker diagnosed with breast cancer. 

by Teajuana Mahone 2004




    I have done lots of charity quilts - just don't have digital photos of them. 

Mystery Stars for Her - 6/22/01

Mystery Stars for Him - 6/22/01

Community Flowers - 6/2002

Christmas Log Cabin - 2004

Plaid Raggedy Quilt - 2004





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