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More Works in Progress



NEW This quilt top is for my cousin's wife.  I couldn't get the true colors to show up in my home.  Hopefully when it's quilted I can take a photo outside.  December 2010 NEW Tumbling along on my motorcycle - for my cousin who rides a bike.  Started with the panel and added the checkerboards, finding smaller panel for the corner squares. After adding the red border I showed it to her and she wanted more color so I added tumblers to the top and bottom, including her motorcycle club logo in a few of them.


Jewels - Began November 11, 2005.  Pattern from QNM May 2005 #372I.

Totally Tubular - Began 1/1/2006 as my New Year's project.


NEW Patchwork Plus BOM - Began this Marti Mitchell BOM May 2005.  I like the process as you piece the block frames and sashing as you go instead of ending the year with twelve blocks and piecing the entire quilt in one month.  I need to add at least 2 more borders before it's completed.

NEW The Awesome Lap Quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  This pattern did require some adjustments but I love the end result.  Began January 2011 with my Scrap Quilting Club.  This top is ready for quilting.





Click here to see BOMs as completed.

New York Beauty - Began this quilt February 2004 at the FVGQ annual retreat.  Worked on it a little at the SSBQG 2005 retreat.  Still making blocks.

Where Are Your Shoes and Socks? BOM by Pat Sloan that can be found at .  Began June 4, 2005


Hidden Star Sampler - I used a lot of the patterns on Quilter's Cache to make this quilt.  I'm working on a pieced border.  Began 1/1/2004

Birds - While crafting in the craft guild at work, a client and I colored these blocks with crayon.


NEW I started out think this would be a red, blue, purple and yellow/gold quilt.  I ran out of strip really fast so I may just make it with all colors.  We'll see when I get back to it. Sorry about the big mess!  I was trying to ignore it but I had to clean it up as it got out of hand.

3-D Pinwheels - I'm piecing more blocks for this quilt.  Began 8/1/2000


NEW Twist and Shout variation - I love this technique for making quilt on-point quilts. Pattern from Lyn Brown. April 2010

Rainbow Baskets - This is my hand piecing project.  I plan to do this one by hand.  I have all the arcs pieced and am working on the basket handles.  I'm using 30s reproduction prints.


Larger Image

Embroidered Snowmen - My first embroidery I made when learning my new embroidery machine.  The blocks were all free online.  Began 12/1/2000

Twisted Sisters - I made these blocks to teach a class.  The technique based on Ami Simms booklet and template.  Began 8/23/03

Pineapple log cabin design by Sharon Rexroad.  She came to our guild and taught this class.  I'm still deciding upon final design for the corner and triangle pieces.  Began 3/20/2004


Christmas BOM - I started this project in January 2004 and haven't found time to work on this one again.  Hopefully it will be completed in 2005.

Double Wedding Ring - Made top in a class January 2005.

Stack-n-Whack - I have pieced all the rows.  Next, add a spacer border and mini stack-n-whack blocks to use in the border.  Began 2/1/2003




Houses (1) - This is the setting I plan to use for this house quilt.  One more row of houses which will include a quilt shop will be added.  I plan to incorporate trees and such in the white spaces.  Began 1/1/2002

Fairy Houses - I got started on this project and don't know if I will complete the quilt as planned.  I wish I would have used various greens in the background.  Maybe I'll make this one into a table runner.   Began 1/1/2002


 NEW Here are some of my first appliqué blocks.  The floral blocks are from Stars in My Garden book by Piece O' Cake.    Began 1/20/2002

NEW Pick a stripe fabric, cut it up and sew it back together.  So far this is a one fabric top.  I will add borders to it at some point. January 2010


Tropical Teals - Another Stack-n-whack project.  I'm piecing the blocks.  Began 9/26/04

Yes, another stack-n-whack project.  I'm piecing the blocks.  Began 1/1/2003


Yes, yes, another stack-n-whack.  I cut this one to teach a class and love the blocks so much that I'm going to make more day.  Began 4/2/05

NEW Baby quilt top ready for quilting made from block in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 2.  I'm just waiting to personalize it for a future baby to be.  December 2010


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Created 4/14/2005

Updated 03/01/2011

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