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Pedal Stay/StopperLooking for a more professional tool to keep your sewing machine pedal in place?  This is your product.  It's hand made by a Missouri wood turner using felled wood.  Your pedal will not move 1/4" unless you pick it up and move it yourself!  Available in small and large size.  The small fits pedals 5.5" wide and the large up to 10" wide.  Select your size/sizes below.  Please note shipping on this item is medium flat rate priority mail due to weight.

Small Pedal Stopper22.00 each [wp_cart_button name="Small Pedal Stopper" price="22" shipping="16"]

Large Pedal Stopper      30.00 each [wp_cart_button name="Large Pedal Stopper" price="30" shipping="16"]

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This Strip Stick is designed for pressing Fat Quarter strips when cut along the long side, and for using in small, compact areas, such as classrooms, quilting retreats, etc, or for smaller projects such as quilt blocks.  Includes plastic cover when not in use.  You can slide the stick down the length of seam to continue pressing. $13.99 + 8 postage & handling.

22″ Fat Quarter Strip Stick        13.99 each 

LED Light Kit

Gives you cool white light (400 lumens) where you need it. Easy to setup. Includes a Dimmer/On/Off switch so you can adjust the brightness.  $34.95 + shipping

Machine LED Light Kit        34.95 each 

Hand Turned Wood Press and Ripper/Stiletto Combo Set

The above photos shows the ripper and stiletto open.  The Combo Rest is NOT included in this price.  It is used to display the item on it’s side.  This item is great because the just flip the ends around to make for safe handling…no caps to loose!   I have of the following sets in stock.  Please order by style name.  If it’s sold out, your invoice will be canceled and payment refunded through PayPal.  All sets are $52 plus shipping and handling. Shipping will be adjusted for multiple items in this category via PayPal credit to your account.

Blue Angel

Wood Press & Ripper/Stiletto Combo Set BLUE ANGEL  52.00 each 

2 in stock for Blue Angel

Tequila Sunrise

Wood Press & Ripper/Stiletto Combo Set TEQUILA SUNRISE   52.00 each 

Wood Press & Ripper/Stiletto Combo Set TEQUILA SUNRISE  52.00 each 

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5 in stock for Neon

Wood Press & Ripper/Stiletto Combo Set NEON   52.00 each 

Key Lime

2 in stock for Key Lime

Wood Press & Ripper/Stiletto Combo Set KEY LIME   52.00 each 

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NOTE:  This will be smooth handle like the others shown; also this is a set, not just a press!

Wood Press & Ripper/Stiletto Combo Set Black Walnut   52.00 each 

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Single Wood Presses in Stock

Wood Press ONLY    17.50 each 

Random wood choice of what’s available in stock.

Wood Press Only-Random Stock   17.50 each 

2 in Stock Natural Wood only in stock – Specify via email if you have a color preference

9 in stock

Wood Ripper Replacement   9.00 each 

4 in stock

Wood Stiletto Replacement   9.00 each